Terms & Conditions

1) costs and fees:

The remuneration for costs and fees is agreed between the client and the lawyer. The agreed remuneration is always exclusive of VAT. The attorney reserves the right to ask the client before commencement of his/her work or interim advances. The invoices are payable at the expiry date stated on the invoice. In the non-payment by the due date, the invoice is increased by interest on the statutory interest rate, in B2B relations This is the interest rate as stipulated in the law of 02.08.2002 on combating late payment in Commercial transactions and a lump sum compensation of 10. In that case, the lawyer also reserves the right to suspend his/her further work until the invoice has been paid In full.

2) Effort Commitment:

The performance to be supplied by the lawyer is regarded as Commitments, unless expressly agreed otherwise or Unless the nature of the performance proves, without any doubt, that it is a Result commitment.

3) Division of work:

The attorney reserves the right to set up dossiers or certain aspects of the Distribute it internally to its staff lawyers. This internal Work-sharing takes into account the preferred subjects of the lawyers and the Wishes of the client.

In carrying out his/her work in the name and on behalf of the client, the lawyer can appeal to third parties (such as bailiffs) and will take due care. The attorney cannot be held liable for any errors committed by these third parties.

(4) Third-party funds:

The lawyer deposits all sums he/she receives for his/her client as soon as possible to the client.

5) Complaints:

Any complaints concerning the service or invoices of the lawyer must be formulated in writing to the lawyer who defends the client’s file within the shortest possible time. It will investigate the complaint and then make every effort to reach a solution.

6) Professional Indemnity insurance:

The lawyer is insured in professional liability through the (Dutch or French speaking) bar Association at the Brussels Bar. The attorney’s liability is limited to the amounts covered by professional indemnity insurance.

7) Processing of personal data:

In the context of his/her services, the lawyer processes personal data of the client or if the client is a legal person of the employees and/or the employees of the client. In The latter case, the client will inform his employees and/or employees. The processing is based on consent, because the processing is necessary for the execution of the agreement with the client or is based on a legitimate interest. Without prejudice to professional secrecy, the data is in principle only shared with members, employees and suppliers of the lawyer, who are in turn obliged to maintain confidentiality.

8) applicable law and jurisdiction

Only Belgian law applies. The courts and tribunals Of the judicial district of Brussels are competent.